Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Version 3.20.21960
Install +500
Category Action
Size 2.99 GB
Last Update 2024 June 14
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Version 3.20.21960
Install +500
Category Action
Size 2.99 GB
Last Update 2024 June 14
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Test your skills against other witches and wizards in exciting multiplayer duels in the latest Harry Potter game!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a new card collection game (CCG) and role-playing game (RPG) where you enroll at Hogwarts and explore the wizarding world. Play with friends and elevate your skills on a journey to master the magic!

Will you battle a dragon? Play with friends in PvP duels? You choose!

Game Features:

- Collect and level 80+ Cards: Master the magic and cast spells like Stupefy and Incendio in card battles. Summon fantastic beasts and artefacts in PvP brawls and PvE challenges.

- New Harry Potter Story Game: You’ve arrived at Hogwarts 10 years after the defeat of Voldemort, and joined a new generation of witches and wizards. Encounter beloved characters and new adventure companions in Hogwarts and beyond!

- Role-play and Customize your own witch or wizard: Shop in Diagon Alley for wands, brooms and outfits to show off your magic, and much more.

- Explore and Socialize with other wizards: Connect with friends online in real-time, duel and explore Hogwarts together.

What to do at Hogwarts?

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened combines the best of adventure games, RPG games and story games together! Online multiplayer games and role-playing story games enthusiasts alike will surely find a favourite activity at Hogwarts.

- Duelling Club: Enter the Duelling Club, a magic arena where Hogwarts students practise competitive card brawls, in solo or duo modes. Play with friends and jump into some real-time PvP action! Face off against other wizards online in fun PvP 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer brawls.
Step into the arena, select your cards, strategically position yourself, and coordinate as a team to rise to the top!
Unlike traditional CCG games which favour turn-based card battle, players gain magic points real-time and can cast spells and summons (from Nifflers to Dragons), avoid opposing wizards’ attacks, and team up for brilliant combos.

- Attend Classes at Hogwarts: Collect new magic cards, brew potions, learn Harry Potter lore at History of Magic and more.

- Forbidden Forest: Enter at your own peril, follow clues, collect rare ingredients, fend off magical creatures and even face dragons.

- Book with No Name: Play as Harry, Hermione and Ron; follow the legacy of iconic wizarding world characters and relive fan-favourite moments from Harry Potter stories.

- Quidditch: Speed through the pitch and become the top scorer.

- Dance Club: Invite your friends to the dance floor and impress them with dazzling moves.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened goes beyond traditional CCG and card battle games. Play with friends or alone; enjoy PvP matches or co-op action; collect items, or enjoy the RPG game features that allow you to role-play as the witch or wizard that you’ve always wanted to become in the wizarding world.

Forget about casual magic games and enroll as a true student of magic at Hogwarts, just like Harry Potter!

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Recommended Android version: 7.0 and above.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is developed by Netease and co-published by WB Games under Portkey Games, a label creating video games inspired by J.K. Rowling's stories, from puzzle games to role-playing adventure and card battle games.

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