Musical Postcards

Musical Postcards

Version 3.5.5
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Messages yourself with music, image, motion video effects and audio recordings submitted.

Hundreds of congratulatory birthday, wedding, holidays, the days of parents' religious events and messages of condolence has been in default for convenience. They create change or redo your .tsavyr upload through the use of messages.

Surprise your friends with the message that you

Usable in all social networks, SMS, email, blogs, etc.


Analysis hits message

Spread your message in social networks and online statistics, the country, operating system and referrer check

Colors Message

Text and background colors to customize your message. The program offers images for you to intelligently color

Besides audio and video recording

Your message, then the message through recording and upload your own

Beautiful animated effects

Your messages on your mobile video effects. Fireworks, heart rain, rain, snow, birthday greetings and ...

And upload images

Select an image or set of images of numerous programs and upload your favorite picture.

Music and sound choice

The complete set of cheerful music, instrumental and still different and the soundtrack fits the occasion of the year. Can be used in messages



For birthdays, holidays, occasions, congratulations, condolences, use of advertising, messages of love, etc. (with a special package of Eid al-Fitr)

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