Wolf Chat

Wolf Chat

Version 1.1
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Wolf Chat, A simple was to communicate with nearby people.
App is using NearBy APIs of Google to connect to other users which are in 30 meters distance of you. 
You don't need any registration and login.
You can control your access to see others or to be seen by others.

It is nice to communicate with others in public places, in instance voting programs, in universities or schools when too many people want to communicate.

You only need an internet connection and other users in your 30 meters distance ready to chat.

Wolf chat?
Nearby Messages exposes simple publish and subscribe methods that rely on proximity. Your app publishes a payload that can be received by nearby subscribers. On top of this foundation, you can build a variety of user experiences to share messages, create real-time connections between nearby devices, and receive beacon messages.
Nearby Connections enables your app to easily discover other devices on a local network, connect, and exchange messages in real-time. Use Nearby Connections to create multiplayer and multi-screen experiences.
We don't store messages.
You need a connection.
Messages are public. All users can see them
There is no backend work to handle messages
You can see other users that are in your 30m distance.

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