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Software Rmanstan ability to run on Android 4+ is the highest

An anthology of the best of the best novels Iranian choice of countless love with novels in a stunning app with the stylish and user-friendly'll bring you that this app contains more than 100 novels very popular genre: romantic, social, humor, religious , English, loneliness, betrayal, action, horror, detective and ..... is.

This application sharing capabilities Vjstjv novel in the novel is significant and good novel can easily submit yourself to your friends. And they will not participate in reading this novel. Ability to customize the SQL novel favorites.

Software Rmanstan compact and designed with good environment.

Items Rmanstan

Advanced -Settings, font, size, background image, a study in the evening and ...

-beautiful design

-Sign Favorites

-Fsl A variety of different novels

-Rman In different languages ​​(soon)

• Ability to download novels

-Share Novel

• Ability to search in the novels

- And other useful Items

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