SizeUp – a Smart Tape Measure

SizeUp – a Smart Tape Measure

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SizeUp is a digital tape measure that allows users to measure length, width and height of a surface by moving their phone in the air from point to point!
With an easy to use interface you can measure anything, just place your smartphone on the surface you wish to measure, click the “Start” button, lift the smartphone and move it quickly in a straight line to the end point and press the “Stop” button. That's it!
After a short calculation, the distance between the two points will be displayed on the screen.

SizeUp measurements have a high level of accuracy.
Using the app, users can measure anything.
SizeUp's capabilities are:
• Measure in metric or imperial units - centimeters or inches.
• Measure any object - even an entire apartment!
• Collect and store historical measurements for future reference.
• Share measurements with friends.
• High level of accuracy - less than 2 cm (when measuring objects up to 3 meters).
• Convert measurements - easily display stored measurements in cm or inches.

This is a must-have app for any smartphone!
The possibilities are endless!
Need to measure furniture before buying?
Want to know if a TV will fit the gap in the wall?
Or maybe if a closet will fit through a door?
The area of a room?

Today, people no longer require tools or measuring instruments such as tape-measures, meter-sticks or rulers.
With SizeUp, measuring distances is easy and simple!

Download the app today and next time you go shopping at a home design or DIY store, you can measure the length, width and height of any object in seconds.

SizeUp is now for free for 30 days! Try it!

SizeUp - a smart tape measure in the palm of your hand!

For more information about the application and the terms of use, please visit:
To learn more about the company behind SizeUp visit:

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