Real Tasbih - Digital Counter - Tally for dhikr

Real Tasbih - Digital Counter - Tally for dhikr

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Real Tasbih - Digital Counter - Tally for dhikr is a digital version of tasbih / tasbeeh that helps muslims dzikr activity, one can also this application as a good counter.
Fully customizable zikirmatik interface with configurable sounds and vibrations

Digital Tasbeeh Counter Pro (Free) is a simple app which allows you to count/tally any activity you wish. Can be used for Tasbeeh (prayer) or just general counting like a tally counter.

Real Digital Tasbeeh should be used for praying and making yourself closer to Allah SWT. As use like a Tasbeeh, this application helps you to count your zikir which is being done.

Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter stores the value even after exiting. Ideal to use as a Digital Tasbeeh.

Tap count button on the screen to start counting.

Press reset button to reset counter.

* Elegant and simple desing.
* Changeable Themes.
* Click sounds (can be turned off).
* Stores the result even after exiting.
* Night mode. (With L.E.D. button)