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Chord Guitar Offline is an application intended for those of you who want to start learning to play guitar, this application provides some basic keys for beginners.
The guitar keys available in this application are from A to G with Major, Minor, 7 and Sharp versions.

Some tips to start learning to play guitar:

1). Have your own guitar: for those of you who want to be smart to play guitar of course you have to have your own guitar because by having your own guitar, your learning process will not be disturbed. So try to have your own guitar.

2). Finger gymnastics: after you have your own guitar, then continue with finger exercises. Gymnastics of the finger in question is to train or get your fingers on the strings of the guitar. Because usually when someone is just learning to play the guitar, their fingers will swell and will certainly hurt, but it is common for every guitar player or guitarist.

3). Learn the guitar key: after you finish flexing your fingers, then continue with learning the guitar key, and I suggest to learn the basic keys on the guitar that is Major and Minor, try not to learn the key sharp (#) first because this will hamper your development.

4). Learn a song: after you finish learning the basic keys on the guitar, then continue with learning the 1 song you like most with the basic tones of Major and Minor. Karna by learning 1 song, then your spirit will increase when you can play 1 favorite song you.

5). Often gathered with someone who is good at playing guitar: that is, if there is one of your friends who are smart to play the guitar then indirectly we discussed of course the guitar problem, well there you will be able to add your experience about playing guitar or get additional information about how playing the guitar.

6). Excitement: of all what I described above, the key to success is the unyielding spirit, because then your learning process will not be hampered or jammed in the middle of the road.

Next you can make this application as a reference for example.
This app has several advantages such as:

- Easy to use
- Does not require internet connection (offline)
- Light apps
- Supports almost all android devices
- Save memory
- etc.

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