UVCAD - CAD 2D Draw & Drafting

UVCAD - CAD 2D Draw & Drafting

Version 1.2
Install +100
Category Tools
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2023 July 29
UVCAD - CAD 2D Draw & Drafting

UVCAD - CAD 2D Draw & Drafting

Mozongsoft Co. Ltd.
Version 1.2
Install +100
Category Tools
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2023 July 29
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UVCAD focuses on mobile computer aided drafting (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). UVCAD features a touch optimized intuitive interface and tools. With UVCAD, You can do real 2d drawing, 2d drafting and 2d design by finger or pencil on touch screen. UVCAD is the perfect free solution for designers and drafters who want an easy-to-use tool for creating drawings faster and with more precision. UVCAD also allows users to document and annotate drawings with text, dimensions, leaders.
UVCAD meet the standards of industry. Working experience is similar to AutoCAD.
UVCAD mostly used for architecture, designing, electrical and mechanical use.
Users are mostly engineers, architects, industrial designers and students.
UVCAD mostly used in automotive, engineering, construction and education industry.
Support of Autodesk AutoCAD DXF open format (import and export).
Powerful Drawing Tools: Line, XLines, Ray, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Ellipse Arc, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle, Text, Spline (NURBS) Curve, Bezier Curve, Hatch, Image.
Object snaps: snap to grid, endpoints, points on entities, snap perpendicular, snap tangential, snap to center points, snap to middle points, snap to intersections
Cartesian and polar coordinate systems.
Layer support: Entity properties driven by layer properties (color, line width, line type), layer creation, layer deletion, layer rename, etc.
Blocks can be created and inserted.
Block support (grouping) : block list view, add new empty block, create block from selection, edit block, insert block into drawing, nested blocks, remove block, rename block
Entity modification: move, rotate, mirror, scale, offset, trim, fillet, chamfer, rectangular, Polar & Linear Array.
Dynamic Editing Functions with Visual Handles and Snaps
Annotation and dimensioning that complies to world standards: Linear, Angular, Radial, Diameter and Arrow Dimension Tools.
Measuring tools
All installed scalable system fonts (e.g. TTF) available for texts
Unlimited undo and redo
Clipboard support: copy, cut, paste, duplicate
Zoom tools: auto zoom, zoom in / out (mouse wheel or two fingers), panning (middle mouse button or two fingers)
Projections: isometric projections (pseudo 3d)
User interface customization: Dark or light theme. UI controls background, foreground, and text color customization.
Fullscreen, screen orientation landscape and portrait switch.

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