Colic Baby-Baby Sleeping Sound

Colic Baby-Baby Sleeping Sound

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Is your baby always crying ?
Do you feel yourself that you cant do anything remedilessly ?

"Colic Baby-Baby Sleeping Sounds" is an application you want properly. With this application, you make the atmosphere that it feel like in the womb. As your baby feels itself in confidence you will feel,too.

Colic Baby Android app has AST (Auto Shutdown Timer) System. You can set time ,application will close when the time is over.

With the 12 types of voices in the application of "Colic Baby-Baby Sleeping Sounds",we present similar sounds as its in the womb. Your baby with colic baby feels in confidence himself like in the womb,and stop crying.

Application is always on position,even the offscreen condition.

We have totally 12 sounds in this application. All these are:
Vacuum Cleaner
Hair Dryer
The Womb
Washing Machine
Inner Part of Car
Bath Sound
Heart Rate Sound
Car Idle Sound
Rain Sound
White Noise Sound
Drone Sound
Music Box