Moonly: Moon Phase Calendar, Cycles and Astrology

Moonly: Moon Phase Calendar, Cycles and Astrology

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Live by the moon rhythm, heal your soul, and harmonize your life together with Moonly. Use changing moon phases to achieve your goals — stars will show you a way forward. Daily tips, holidays, and practices will help you maintain a positive energy level and set the right course for your day.

Moonly is based on the Eastern moon cycle calendar which is much more precise than a Western one. Dive deep into the world of astrology and use ancient wisdom to improve your life and find your true self.

Lunar Calendar
The most mysterious space object explained like never before!
Follow a full moon calendar to see its primary and secondary stages. Learn about the Lunar influence, space cycles and how it affects your energy. There is a hidden power inside you that you might have never thought of. Let moon astrology gently guide your way, discover your strong sides and true essence.

Daily Affirmations
Start your day with positive affirmations and notice the difference it makes. Affirmations give you motivation and awareness, empower you to direct your own thoughts, and simply make you happier day by day. There is a time of the day when your subconscious mind is more receptive. Use sleep affirmations to reach the depths of your mind and place a relevant mantra of the day.

Ancient Runes
Runes are an ancient form of oracle used by those seeking advice. It’s a mystery, secret, message from the Pagan world that can help you solve problems, take decisions and foresee the future. Think about the matter, ask the runes and receive the answer while your conscious and unconscious minds stay focused.

Moonly is sharing articles, tips and rituals so you can develop your moon sign astrology knowledge. Learn how to read moon pictures, understand horoscopes and know what to expect during the eclipse or retrograde planets. Look into the moon haircut calendar and female cycles and adjust your schedule and workload accordingly.

Healing and Zen Guided Meditation
Develop your awareness and mindfulness with gong meditations. Let go of all thoughts and spare some time just for yourself. Clear your mind, breathe and relax your body. Start from as short as one minute meditation and extend the duration of practice with the time. Listen to our guided sleep meditation to prepare for a deep healing sleep at night.

Understanding the moon horoscope opens the doors to the world of transformation and positive change. Download our moon phase app today and embark on the journey of healing. Enter the world of Solar and Lunar energies and let the sun and moon guide you.

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