Push The Blocks

Push The Blocks

نسخه ۱.۲
نصب فعال

Push all the boxes onto the targets and pass the level!
Remember, you can only push the boxes. You can’t push the boxes into other boxes or walls and you can’t pull them. The puzzle is solved when all boxes are at target locations. You will get one, two or three stars for each solved puzzle.This puzzle game is a wonderful trainer for your brain.
So download this Push the Blocks game and try yourself!

- Several level packs (with up to 200 different levels).
- Different difficulties from very easy easy to very hard.
- Intuitive swipe control.
- Colorful and nice interface.
- 2 different game-play themes.
- Nice sound effects.

So download Push The Blocks right now for absolutely FREE and try yourself.
- Undo and restart features.
- HD screens support.
- All levels are solvable.

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