Relax and Sleep

Relax and Sleep

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Already used by more than 4 million people around the globe to aid with their meditation, tinnitus, sleep, mindfulness, therapy, newborn baby, pregnancy, stress, concentration, work...

Choose from more than 50 ambient sounds, including white noise, thunder, rain, the ocean, lightning, water, birds, bugs, instruments, mechanical and nature noises.

Combine multiple sounds and tune their individual volume to create your own unique mix.

Set timers, store presets or combine both to create your own unique wake-up alarm.

Use all available sounds for FREE, no extra purchases needed, no banners.

Need more advanced features or need more timers or presets?
Upgrade+ them for the price of one coffee (or beer) and you will also get a lifetime access to future feature updates.

Questions? Issues? Please read the Help / FAQ within the App first.
There is also information about the In-App Purchase and skipping or gap issues.
No solution there? Send me an email with your question before leaving a low rating.

This App it is created by a single developer using his spare time creating this app to aid people, by upgrading you will support the development and the future of this App.

Small compilation of what users personally mailed me through the years (names have been removed for privacy reasons):

* Thanks to your app I have been able to cope with my insomnia for the past few years.
* I suffer from anxiety and i cannot sleep. I actually need your app to sleep so thank you so much.
* This app has been an all time favourite of mine. Helps relax and clear my mind. I have been using it for years now!
* I like the uniqueness of mixing your own sounds.
* Im a happy user of relax and sleep.
* I love this app, I've used it for years.
* I loved your relax and sleep-app on my android.
* Let me start by saying I love this app & I use it often.
* I've been using this amazing application for a long time. Indeed, I bought a license.

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