Stylish Fonts & Fancy Text

Stylish Fonts & Fancy Text

Version 1.2
Install +5 K
Category Personalization
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2022 October 26
Stylish Fonts & Fancy Text

Stylish Fonts & Fancy Text

Mega Apps Developers
Version 1.2
Install +5 K
Category Personalization
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2022 October 26
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Texts reflect the personality and taste of a Persons, Raise your Standard by enabling Fancy and Cool Font Changer to make your text more attractive, which can help you to Grab more Likes, Followers and Fans on Social Media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Best Font Changer app to make cool fonts on Social Media even without change your Default Keyboard of Android Device.

Fancy & Cool Font Changer Provide:
Fonts – Fancy & Cool Font Changer app not just provides you awesome and cursive fonts style for free but with some other wonderful features. You can also decorate your simple written font to post it on any Social Media Account or you can also send that Decorated Text to someone directly to impress them. You Can Set your Decorated Text as your Watsapp Status also.

It also provides you a feature to Add Emotions in your Text to show your feelings to your loved once. You can add any kind of Emotion in your Text to make it even more beautiful and fancy. It also provides you a Wonderful Feature to Encrypt your Text in Glitch Text Feature. By Using Glitch Text you can Encrypt your simple written Message and can send to Desired one directly.

How to Change Fonts:
• Can Easily turn your Simple text in any of the Fancy Fonts style to make it look cool
• Just Type your Simple Text and Select the Desired Font Under hebar
• Hundreds of Cool Fonts & Stylish Fonts will be available for free.
• After Selecting your Desired Font, Your Written Text will turn into that cool Font.
• Simply Just Copy from there and paste wherever you want to use that.
• You can use that cool font written text as a description of your Instagram Post.
• You can also put that Cool font written text at your Watsapp Status or can Post on Twitter to impress your Followers
• You Can also decorate your Text to make it look cooler
• The decorated text will surely attract the reader.

Main Features of Fancy & Cool Font Changer:
This Advanced app provides the following Features,
• Provides you Cool Fonts to turn your Simple Text into an Attractive one.
• These Hundreds of Fonts are free.
• Just Write your Text in the box and select the Desired Font style from bellow.
• You Can also Decorate your Text.
• Decorated Text will Surely attract the Reader.
• You can also add Emotions in Your Text.
• Hundreds of Emotions are available for free.
• One can also encrypt its text.
• You can use the Glitch Text Feature of the app to encrypt your simple written text.
• You can Enjoy all these Features on a single Keyboard.
• All These Features are Available on your Default Keyboard of Android Device.

Download and Start to Use this Cool Font Changer App to Make your Text more Attractive and leave a positive impact of your Personality and Taste on the Reader.

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