Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Version 8.18.4c
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Health & Fitness

*** NEW ***

Mi Band 4 support!


- Mi Band 2 & 3 & 4 text display support (caller name, Whatsapp messages, contact names, ...)

- Workout session: analyze each your workout sessions (steps, heart, calories, GPS)

- Mi Band 2 & 3 & 4 button custom actions (next music track, ...)

- Widgets, custom reminders, custom alarms, ....

- Custom wake me up and power nap alarms

- Customize notifications for each contact (mom, friends, ...)

- Ignore unwanted notifications (Whatsapp groups, ...)

- Anti-loss phone feature

- Tasker (and similar app) support


- Sleep as Android support (Mi Band 2 & 3 & 4 only)

- Heart monitor (without keep phone near band)

- Steps, sleep, heart, calories, weight data tracking and analysis

- Basic app and call notification support

- Setup up to 8 alarms

- Mi Scale 1 & 2 support

- Firmware update

Get vibrations and flashes on your band when you receive a notification on your smartphone, you'll never miss any call or your friends' messages.

You can personalize the notification of all incoming and missed calls and you will instantly be notified each time you receive an SMS or a Whatsapp message.

Other cool features have been added:

* schedule heart monitor

* export your data to spreadsheet

* sync data to Google Fit

* get alerts on too low or too high heart rates

All Mi Band supported: 4, 3, 2, HRX, 1S, 1S, 1....

Official app is not required.

Disclaimer: This App is in no way associated with Xiaomi. This app includes no warranty.

Mi Fit, Mi Band, Amazfit is a trademark of Xiaomi/Huami.


Question: App can't find / connect with band?

Solution: Please try to re-pair your band with phone on original app, then retry on this app.

Only genuine Xiaomi band are supported

Question: High battery drain of band

Solution: Please reduce use of vibration as it drains much battery than led. Try disable stable connection option on settings.

Question: App doesn't works correctly

Solution: Please check you are not running any battery saver app like Greenify or similar.

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