Mini Fun Climb Race-Platform Climb Car Racing Game

Mini Fun Climb Race-Platform Climb Car Racing Game

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You can download our " Mini Fun Climb Race " fun racing game now. We hope you enjoy our game.

Descend and climb the hills! Let's see who will win this car race? An easy to use but challenging car racing is waiting for you!

You can play all the levels you passed unlimitedly again. We do not charge any fee for extra car change. Choose the vehicle you want.

Mini Fun Climb Race:
We think that everyone will enjoy playing the racing game. Easy controls in the racing game are specially designed for everyone and kids. You can play the game without difficulty and have a pleasant time.

Unlike other climb race games, your car does not turn upside down much. You race with pleasure.

Sabotage the cars by pressing the buttons, slow down the speed of other cars, go faster than them and pass all the cars. Try to be first in the race!

Make your car go faster by collecting the gas canisters. Enjoy the other cars! Gas cans allow you to use the Extra Speed ​​button.

With the Snow Ball Button and the lightning button, you can sabotage other cars and reduce their speed. You can have fun by getting ahead of other cars in the race.
You can start the game by choosing the car you want in our Mini Fun Climb Race game. You can choose from 4 different car models and girl, boy and monster characters.

When our game starts, the car race starts by counting down from 3. You can race on many platforms such as hills and mountains in this fun climb race game.

Unlike other climb racing games, you can sabotage your opponents' races. Or you can overtake other cars by speeding up your car even further with the extra speed button (nos). Press the speed button and beat the other cars!

How do I play the game? :
All touch buttons appear according to your rank in the game.
- Throttle Button: By pressing the gas, you can make your car move forward. To avoid falling behind in the race, you need to press the gas button immediately when the game starts. You must press this button until the end of the race, except that your car will be falling.
- Extra Speed ​​button: Makes your car go faster. When you collect the gas canisters, you have an extra speed button.
- Snowball Button: If you fall behind in the race, you can throw snowballs at other cars. This will reduce the speed of other racing cars.
- Lightning Button: When you are second or third, you can sabotage the race car that comes first, causing it to rain on its head and lightning. This will reduce the speed of other racing cars.
- Direction buttons: This button is only available on the slope ends of the hills. When your car is in the air, the game slows down and you can correct the direction of your car. If your car seems to fall backwards while driving down, you can use this button to fix it.

Using all the buttons at the right time is important to win the race.
Don't worry if you don't get a degree at the end of the game in the racing game. You can play the same level again by pressing the restart button. Our game saves the levels you pass and you can play the same level again later.

As with all free racing games, our game contains advertisements. We will continue to update our game over time.

Our "Mini Fun Climb Race" game is waiting for you with its fun and enjoyable levels. You can race on different slope and hill platforms.

You can download fun and enjoyable climb race game.

Mini Fun Climb Race - Challenge Platform Car Racing

Have fun.
Maxi Pro Games.