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Gotya turns the cameras (front and back) on your phone into remote-controlled motion detection cameras. Gotya automatically takes pictures and alerts you when anything moves - anywhere that involves your security, curiosity, or interest.

Unlike video security camera apps that record and send you a lengthy video even if something just happened for a second - Gotya operates as a photo surveillance camera that will send you just the picture frames of something happening at the scene. Gotya can capture up to 15 fps so you won't miss a thing.

A video with unchanged scenery is just like a still picture. So why do you need to drain the power and pay for data transfer for seeing unchanged pictures? Use Gotya on-demand snapshot instead. Using Gotya you don't need to spend time watching or fast forwarding a full video clip to find frames of your interest. This is possible because Gotya just captures and gives you the frames you want to see.

Use Gotya as portable motion detection camera to watch things for you wherever you are. Connect it to the Gotya Cloud Service for remote control with instant snapshots, email/picture/sound alerts, and cloud photo backup so your pictures are always safe.

Gotya is perfect for your old devices – use them as motion detection cameras and monitor them from the device you use daily. Gotya is also available on Windows Phone app store.

Gotya, your 3rd eye.

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