Maghzrayaneh | Computer servies

Maghzrayaneh | Computer servies

Version 1.0.3
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Maghzrayaneh | Computer servies

Maghzrayaneh | Computer servies

Version 1.0.3
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Maghzrayaneh Provide computer services online

With the expansion of new technologies and the start of startups that are available to users for convenience and speeding up time, the Maghzrayaneh company produces and develops the Maghzrayaneh application with a team of elites, specialists, experts, engineers with experience and experienced computer services in The place was made available to the dear users so that the dear people can request computer services at any time without wasting time in the place without cost, so that the expert at the workplace or home can deal with the breakdown and solve the problems in your presence.

The Maghzrayaneh company has the official license of the National Virtual Business Union, the electronic trust symbol, the license of the Ministry of Site and Application Guidance, the license of the Computer Services Union. Maghzrayaneh is an independent group of services, computer repairs with support for computer problems. Maghzrayaneh is not affiliated with any group or organization.

Until now, it has happened to all of us, our computer or laptop due to minor software or hardware problems, such as not properly installing the operating system or hardware installation drives, graphics, sound card, network, graphics, etc., lack of proper configuration. The computer prevents the proper functioning of our computer or laptop, and the need for computer problems to be examined by an expert or an experienced group so that the problems of our system can be solved accurately and fundamentally, or even the parts need to be repaired or replaced.

In the past, we needed to carry cases, laptops, printers, scanners, displays, hardware pieces, etc., and go to the nearest repair shop to have our problem checked by the store or repair shop.

Regardless of whether we know

What are the qualifications of computer repair experts?

Is the expert present at the repair shop qualified for repairs?

Does the expert have a valid degree from a technical and professional organization?

Does the place we visited have an official license from the computer trade union or not?

Will your personal or confidential information stored on disk be safe?

Will your parts be moved by someone else in the repair shop?

Will your problem be solved accurately?

Will the expert be able to provide remote support after repairs?

Will the expert be able to diagnose the problem and deliver it or not?!

These are some of the questions and problems you may encounter while taking any computer system to an expert.

Maghzrayaneh computer problems support 

Among the services of the Maghzrayaneh, we can mention solving computer problems online and over the phone

By downloading and installing the Maghzraaneh application from the support section, users can communicate their error or problem in the form of a chat or send a photo of the error with the Maghzrayaneh support to solve computer problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without payment. be completely fixed.

Computer services in Tehran, Maghzrayneh 

Computer services in Tehran from the year 2022 in all areas of Tehran, Valiasr Square, Tehran Pars, Aghdiseh, Saad Abad, Parkway, Farmaniyeh, Andarzgo, Qaytiyeh, etc., are provided instantly. We are currently developing services throughout the cities of Iran. Currently, problem support is provided throughout Iran.

Laptop repair at the place of the Maghzrayaneh 

Laptops are one of the most sensitive hardwares. When you use a loud speaker for a long time, your speaker may suffer from quality loss or malfunction.

When using the laptop keyboard at high speed, some buttons may break, and even when touching the laptop screen, a part of the screen may be damaged or burned.

Maghzrayaneh also provides on-site laptop repair services.

Either hardware or software

Either motherboard or board sockets

Either display or speaker

Whether Windows, Linux or Mac

Or whatever service you want, the Maghzrayaneh provides.

Maghzraaneh specializes in the field of services and sales of computer parts.

Motherboard repair

Power repair

Monitor repair Crt, Lcd, Led

Repair of computer DVD writer

Mouse or touch pad repair

Specialized repairs of network hardware

UEFI BIOS update and...

Installing Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Installing Linux, Debian, Kali and...

Installing or updating Mackinash

Installation, troubleshooting, update of any type of game under any type of operating system

Update graphic drives, sound card, network, chipsets.

After a few months of the company's operations, Mooz Computer realized that some of the requests of the users do not require the presence of an expert or specialist on the spot, and the problems of the users can be solved as quickly as possible with the support of remote computer problems in the form of online chat or telephone. He fixed it in a few minutes.

The very fast computer problem support service was developed after a few months in the Maghzrayaneh application by the development team, so that users who have a minor problem or an error that does not require the presence of an expert can be fixed online to save on costs, street traffic, distance Stay away from corona disease and...

Learn more: Maghzrayaneh computer support in 2022 supports more than 100+ failure cases online and free of charge.

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