Vocable Trainer Free

Vocable Trainer Free

Version 2.6.2
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This is a vocabulary flashcard trainer based on boxes and decks with flashcard animation. Learn quick and easily with Leitner system. No annoying text input to check if vocable is correct. New Box with spaced repetition (SuperMemo like).

Check out the Pro Version with more functions than the free one.

- create a bunch of decks with your vocabularies in the appropriate language
- edit your decks and define auto-translation languages
- insert vocabularies to your decks
- import and export decks and lists
- we support TTS and SVOX TTS
- edit or delete single vocabularies from your list (Long click on a item in the vocabulary list)
- learn with Leitner system, up to five boxes
- choose a box and learn flashcard words. To see the corresponding word perform a simple click on the card and it turns around
- change the language order to learn vise versa (Click menu button in Vocabulary Box tab)
- use the GoTo button to jump to a specific vocable number within a box
- learn in random mode

Create vocabulary flashcard lists on your pc or export some lists from your dictionary websites and import them into your decks.

Use www.dict.cc access in import/export section to download vocabulary lists. Export lists from the website on your SD card download folder and import the list into your app.

The app supports "Move App to SD Card" only available for Android version 2.2 or higher.

The app is free and supported by Google Ads.
Buy the Pro Version which is ad free.

The app was tested on:
Nexus S Android 4.1
HTC Desire S Android 2.3.6
Motorola Defy Android 2.1

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