LottieFiles - Render and Share

LottieFiles - Render and Share

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Create, render, and share animations from the palm of your hand. Speed up your workflow to save hours and brighten and liven your work. You can also discover and collaborate with 1000’s of animations of other top creators.

With the LottieFiles app you can:

- Preview and test Lottie animations across iOS devices.

- Push animations from LottieFiles for After Effects straight to the app in one single click.

- Create collections and organize animations into groups for easy navigation.

- Easily send your Lottie file to stakeholders via messaging platforms, email, and more.

- Share your designs straight from LottieFiles to your Instagram stories, impress your friends and followers!

- Explore 1000s of animations from top Lottie creators

- Engage, collaborate and connect with the creations of designers sharing on LottieFiles by dropping them a comment and giving their work a like!

Help us build LottieFiles to serve you even better.
Send us your feedback and ideas at support@lottiefiles.com

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