LOGO Industrial, planning PLC

LOGO Industrial, planning PLC

Version 2.00 برق صنعتی قابل برنامه ریزی Logo , PLC
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The comprehensive training program PLC logo is presented and a set of more than 100 (one hundred samples) sample source code provided for you, which can be easily transferred to your phone, and you can take advantage of Rome.

In the Logo programming language due to relatively strong graphical environment, there is also the possibility of drawing too complicated shapes.

In the logo, because there is a virtual robot named Turtle (turtle) in the middle of graphics programs to better understand complex construction steps for children and teens.

You can easily learn the PLC.

We do not benefit from their positive feedback: mobah.org @ gmail.com and to improve and extend the application help.


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In this app you'll see:

Software Logo Siemens

Learn step by step to wiring PLC programming

Offering more than 100 types of samples and sample


Typical application examples with Siemens LOGO


Brightness control

Control lights and rows of light

Lighting inside and outside homes

Lighting for sporting venues

Control gate and the door

Control of an automatic door

Control of an industrial gates

Tasysaty- example of a building with automatic control

Wash water pump at home

Irrigation in greenhouses

Open and fund-Ardenne control curtains

Launched a three-phase electric moment of a place with Siemens logo

Three phase permanent setup of a place

Launch Three phase and permanent moment of a place

Three phase and permanent adjusting moment in two places

CW and CCW permanently from one location

CW and CCW moment and from a location permanently

CW and CCW moment and permanent two places

CW and CCW fast with Siemens logo

Orbit one after the other with two motors

Automatic circuit after another with three engines

One circuit to another place

Automatic one circuit to another place

Chpkrd and the right to rest on one side (the furnace)

Chpkrd and the right to rest on the sides (ovens)

Circuit triangle star

Chpkrd and right triangle of stars

Orbits automatic triangle

Chpkrd and automatic right triangle of stars

Circuit Press

Guillotine circuit

Garden lighting circuit

Chpkrd and right after another

Dalandr circuit




To err is human, and I ask that we not benefit from the positive feedback and constructive mobah.org @ gmail.com and to improve and extend the application help.



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