LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News & Social Networking

LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News & Social Networking

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Job search smarter with the LinkedIn app. Use the #1 job search and professional networking app to connect to your business contacts, stay up to date with companies, follow influencers, and apply for jobs. LinkedIn is the top social network for businesses, influencers, employees, entrepreneurs, hiring managers, recruiters and thought leaders. Try the app for free today!

Seeking to make business contacts? Want to keep in touch with your professional network? Looking for the latest industry news? Searching for new business opportunities? Do that and more with the free LinkedIn app. Whether you’re a college student or an industry veteran, LinkedIn connects you to the largest network of professionals from around the globe.

Search for your next job on LinkedIn and get connected to local jobs and get your resume noticed. Save time and boost your job search by using LinkedIn as a career finder to filter through millions of job openings to find the right positions for you. Set job alerts to get notified when new jobs from your followed companies are posted so you can be the first to apply with your resume.

Use LinkedIn to build your network, increase the success of your brand or business, and launch your job search. Apply for jobs with your resume or professional profile in just a few taps. Ask your business contacts working at your followed companies to give you a referral. All this will improve your odds of getting hired.

LinkedIn makes business networking easy by connecting you with friends, colleagues, companies, industry experts, and the rest of the LinkedIn community.

5 reasons why you’ll love the LinkedIn app:

- Social networking: Create your own profile & highlight your skillset
- Job search & recruiting: Find the right position suited to your skills and apply with your resume
- Industry news: Share articles or write your own posts
- Follow opportunities: See if companies you’re interested in are hiring
- Professional network: Follow the activities of your business contacts

Create business contacts, share your knowledge, apply for your dream job or get the latest industry news. LinkedIn offers you the easiest way to connect with recruiters, professionals, and companies.

LinkedIn App Features:

• Join groups that share and support your goals
• Import your contacts for a quick and easy way to grow your network

• Follow companies, influencers and professionals to see updates & activities
• Network on the go; get new contacts and easily find industry experts
• Leverage your employees to build the talent brand of your company
• Social networking for businesses: showcase your company or product to find new opportunities

• Share articles with the LinkedIn community and your business contacts
• Write your own posts & share them with your network

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume to highlight your experience
• Share your accomplishments, job responsibilities and skills on your professional profile

• Find jobs & apply using your LinkedIn profile and/or resume
• Connect with job recruiters & find new contacts

Job recruiters, professionals, industry experts, job search tools, and career opportunities are available at your fingertips. The LinkedIn app offers a great way to network, apply to jobs and find new contacts - straight from your phone, wherever you are.

Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools.

We ask for a few permissions when you use this app. Here’s why:

در رسانه‌ها

با LinkedIn به کسب و کار خود رونق دهید

اپلیکیشن LinkedIn یک شبکه اجتماعی بوده که مختص افراد حرفه‌ای و دنیای کسب و کار است؛ با استفاده از این برنامه می‌توانید از تجربیات افراد حرفه‌ای در سراسر جهان استفاده کرده و تغییر و تحولی اساسی به کار خود دهید. پس همین حالا این برنامه را بر روی گجت اندرویدی و یا آی‌اواس خود نصب و به جمع بیش از ۲۰۰ میلیون کاربر این شبکه اجتماعی پرطرفدار بپیوندید.

با لینکدین به شغل رویایی خود دست یابید!

لینکدین یا Linkedin یک شبکه اجتماعی تجاری است که در ماه مه 2003 شروع به کار کرد. البته این شبکه کمی با سایر شبکه‌های اجتماعی متفاوت است و اگر مبنای سرویسی مثل فیس‌بوک قرار دادن پست‌های مختلف و کامنت گذاری و لایک کردن آن‌ها باشد در لینکدین فضا رسمی‌تر است و بیشتر فعالیت‌های تجاری در آن صورت می‌گیرد.

لینکدین؛ شبکه اجتماعی متخصصین و حرفه‌ای‌ها

یافتن شغل مناسب یکی از دغدغه‌های مهم افراد مختلف است. شغلی که متناسب با مهارت‌ها و روحیات فرد باشد تاثیر بسیار خوبی بر زندگی وی دارد. استخدام نیروی کار ماهر نیز در اولویت هر سازمان و شرکتی قرار دارد. یکی از معیارهای مهم شناخت نیروی ماهر رزومه وی است. رزومه شامل فهرستی از مهارت‌ها، مدارک تحصیلی و سوابق شغلی است. مهارت‌های خود را معرفی کنید، با فرصت‌های شغلی آشنا شوید و فعالیت‌های دوستانتان را در این شبکه دنبال کنید.

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