Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan

Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan

Version 1.3.6
Install +1 K
Category Entertainment
Size 48 MB
Last Update 2024 May 5
Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan

Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan

Version 1.3.6
Install +1 K
Category Entertainment
Size 48 MB
Last Update 2024 May 5
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😹 Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan to know who is lying
How can I know if my friend is lying or telling the truth?
Use this app as a real lie detector.
⚡ Lie Detector Test Prank is a fun simulation game to detect if you are telling the truth or lying.
⚡ You can use it to prank your friends or family. Ask them a question, the rest let our lie detector simulator analyze and give the answer. They are lying, they are telling the truth!

👆 Fingerprint Scanner
In the Lie Test app, a simulated scanner works when you place your finger on the screen to scan your fingerprint. After a few seconds of simulating the analysis, the lie detector gives the results. Yay, you told the truth.

👀 Eye Scanner
Put your eyes close to the camera, the Lie Detector Prank application will have a waiting time for the analysis simulation. Then, the screen will display a message about whether you are telling the truth or lying. Imagine the look on people's faces when they believe you can tell if they're being honest or trying to cover up a lie.

✔️ Setting results
One surprise when using the Truth Test app for scanning is that you can adjust the results for the next scan. Discreetly press the volume key next to the device: + key for telling the truth, key - for lying. It's nice to be able to control the game.

⚡ With thrilling sound and vibration, the lie detector will give you a fun experience playing with your friends. This will be an indispensable game in every fun all night long.

🔧 How does a lie detector app work?
1. Start the Lie Test application
2. Select scan mode
3. Ask any question
4. Keep your finger or eye on the scan screen for a few seconds
5. A message will appear announcing the result
6. Press + key for telling the truth, Key - for lying

More than a lie detector, the application also brings other interesting prank experiences for you:
- Ghost Detector: Use the camera, scan and detect ghosts around you. Immerse yourself in the mysterious discovery of souls that is thrilling.
- Prank Sounds: Collection of prank sounds for you and your friends. Choose from air horn, fart, burp, ghost sounds, etc.
- Spin the Wheel: Helps you make decisions in cases where you don't know what to choose
- Beauty Score: The camera will scan your face and the scanner will give random results to score your face. Let's see how beautiful you are

This lie detector simulator scanner is a prank app and cannot determine if someone is telling the truth or lying. The results that the application gives are random notifications and are for entertainment purposes only.

📩 Among the many options out there, thank you for choosing the Lie Detector Test Prank - Scan application. The application is being completed and developed, if there is any problem with Lie Detector Prank app, please contact us. We will respond back as soon as possible.
Thank you.😍

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کاربر بی‌نام
کاربر بی‌نام
این دیگه چه بازی چرتیه🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
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