Monkey Simulator 3D

Monkey Simulator 3D

نسخه ۱.۳
نصب فعال

A thrilling ride through jungle, Rocks and treetops in 3D

Monkey is now in 3D. Play as kingss and the game of banana. Welcome to Monkey in treetops and jungle runers. Monkey is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on a beautiful day he went into the temples of jungle to pick up fruits and find a way out of the temples. But the jungle is full of danger, he needs your help !

Grab your bananas or coins and get your moustache ready for this new adventure throughout many difficult levels. The goat, sheep, fox, zebra stag-deer, dinosaur, elephant, wolf, all are running in the jungle. Monkey in jungle is a classic runners adventure game in 3D. Run, jump, bounce and swing as you help monkey to outrun a huge banana and other fruits like Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Carrot and Coin also! Take control of the templess with the running!

Ride the boar or fly with to overcome dangerous obstacles like massive boulders, Wolf, Elephants and Dinosaurs. Nature can be a cruel enemy…Collect as many bananas and all other fruits-Pineapple, Apple, Mango, Carrot, as possible to fill your energy bar. Goat is eating, sheep, Stag-deer, fox, zebra elephant are all crazy on their ways. Avoid dinosaur and wolf on the running path. Take alternative routes like the deep area or treetops. This is an amazing runing and jumping adventure game in 3D.


Use Joystick to move monkey and Jump button to jump while running.
Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.
Multiple camera views, Multiple missions.
Collect bananas and other fruits as many as you can, do not fall off the ground.
Run to the end of the jungle to pass the level.

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