Learn Excel Formulas Functions

Learn Excel Formulas Functions

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Learn Excel Formulas Functions

Learn Excel Formulas Functions

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Learn Excel Formulas Functions Example App Offline. Vlook up, multiply, percentage. You can all the excel formulas and functions also shortcuts tips in one app. We organize separately all formulas , functions and shortcuts in a very simple and clean way so you can also search from the search bar. We have listed all the formulas , functions which are in this app.

List of Excel formulas and Functions.


This Excel Formulas app Contains below material.

- 220 ++ excel function with examples
- 450 ++ excel formula and case examples
- 200 ++ excel shortcut to speed up your work with excel.
- Excel formulas with examples.
- Excel formulas free.
- Full OFFLINE does not require an internet connection.

500 + excel formulas with example such as Count, Sum, Average, Min and Max, VLookup, If, conditional formatting, data validation, Round, Date and Time, Date series, Text, Financial, and so on.

200 + excel shortcuts for windows and mac that will help to speed up your work with the excel spreadsheet/worksheet.

Learn best excel formulas and functions app we hope you will learn a lot of excel concepts and shortcuts in one app.

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- Formula App we Hope it helps you learn to excel
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