Lovely Animal Storm

Lovely Animal Storm

Version 1.2
Active installs

Lovely animal wearing different clothes, are you able to identify it?  

Does the color of the animal match with the shape? The player needs to determine if the shape matches with color for the animal within the limited time. Although the time is limited, take it easy. Once you are wrong, the game is over.

It is difficult to get higher score in this game, come to challenge us. 

How to play: you may see the animal with wrong shape on the screen, 

Once you see an “animal” with green, click “crocodile”button. 
If the “animal” on the screen is in gray, tap “Elephant” button. 
If you see an “animal” in pink, tap “pig” button. 
Once the “animal” on the screen is in yellow, click “Giraffe” button. 
If you find that the animal with the correct color, you need to click “Bingo”


Carton style
Quick reaction capability

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