Notebook and Notepad

Notebook and Notepad

Version 14.0
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 4 MB
Last Update 2023 September 18
Notebook and Notepad

Notebook and Notepad

Version 14.0
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 4 MB
Last Update 2023 September 18
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Notebook app lets you write down a memo or notes of anything you’ve forgotten or wish to remember at a later date.

Use the notepad to write down your grocery list or checklist. Jot down your to-do list and categorize your notes. Set a reminder and write it down within the app!

Great Use For A Daily Organizer
Take notes for school, work, or leisure. Create a task list with a title for each note. A great reminder app on the go!

Keep Your Notepad & Journals Private
No cloud save! No sharing to friends or family. Keep your journals and notes secure and private on your phones storage. Don't want anyone to see you taking notes or writing a journal? Quickly delete them by the recycle bin icon and it will never show up on your device again!

A Variety of Ways to Create A Task List
Organize your memo & journals with category icons. Easily add reminder or set a reminder by choosing various icons such as work, inspiration, office, home, school, address, or finance.

Feature Summary & App Uses for Notebook:
✔ Jot down your to-do list and set a reminder within the notebook app with icons
✔ Copy & Paste right into notepad
✔ Jot down a memo or create a journal of your experiences
✔ Multi-task your work with written notes and memos on your notepad
✔ Use as a grocery list app
✔ Checklist app for daily uses
✔ Great way to save address of various locations
✔ Add Reminder & create new reminders with ease

Take Notes On The Go With 1-Touch
Jot down your things to do for the day or quick school notes on the go. Just tap the red pencil icon in the app to create a remind me note!

Colorful Note Icons Help Differentiate Important Memo's
Choose a office bag icon for work notes, choose a coffee bag icon for home journals, and a balloon icon for add reminder memo are some examples of daily uses.

Make Notes Easy To Categorize
View each journal, note, or memo by category via drop down menu. A great reminder app for your daily needs and taking notes!

Great for Students
A notebook that is great for students to take notes during classes. Run the notepad app offline without worry!

Organize Notes
As mentioned before you can organize notes with category icons, however; you can also place a title for your notes & journals as well when you make notes the created date is shown.

Overall Simple & Easy To Use
Simple and easy to use compared to other colorful note applications which provide more sophisticated systems and require more of your device access.

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