Stickman Trenches: Legacy War

Stickman Trenches: Legacy War

Version 2.1
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 48 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
Stickman Trenches: Legacy War

Stickman Trenches: Legacy War

Koco Games Inc
Version 2.1
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 48 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
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Stickman Battle: WW2 Stick Fight - Epic War Strategy Game

Gear up for a thrilling journey in Stickman Battle: WW2 Stick Fight! Immerse yourself in the captivating clash of stickman armies, where strategic prowess is your most excellent weapon craft ingenious plans to construct your stick Empire, leading it to triumph against formidable foes. Step into an epic battle for dominance, seize the enemy trenches, and assert your legacy in this captivating mobile game!


●Varied Stickman Army: Command an array of stick troops, from Soldiers to Bombers, in captivating battles.

●Massive Stick Arsenal: Equip your units with an arsenal of stick weapons for battlefield supremacy.

●Stunning 2D Graphics: Immerse yourself in captivating stickman battles, featuring realistic physics and dynamic sound effects.

●Over 300 Challenging Levels: Test your stickman prowess across various captivating challenges, mastering ultimate stickman skills.

●Replay Strategy: Study your battles through the replay feature, refining strategies for a resounding victory.

●Strategic Gameplay: Merge strategy, stick battles, and casual fun to conquer rivals and expand your troop sizes.

●Upgrades troops and Items: Explore diverse upgrade paths with over 20+ items, satisfying fans of stickman warfare.

●Defensive and Offensive Tactics: Embrace defense and offense, merging 2D physics with realistic combat.

●Hardcore Stick Action: Engage in thrilling stick battles, diving into the world of stickman warfare and strategic conquest.

●Global Domination: Lead your stickman army to conquer the Stickman World, claiming each of the enemy trenches.


●Epic Stickman Campaign: Embark on an unforgettable campaign with a variety of stickman characters, building and expanding your stickman empire.

●Resource Management: Manage gold and cash to recruit diverse stickman units, like Soldiers, Commanders, Flame Throwers, etc.

●Level Up Your Army: Strengthen your stickman army by leveling up, enhancing their combat abilities as you advance.

●Strategic Combat: Devise intricate strategies to outmaneuver enemy stickman armies and secure victory.

●Claim the Countries: Rise to power, seize the enemy countries, and become the master of the Stickman World in this captivating war game.


●World War Strategy: Lead your stickman army to victory in a world of military strategy.

●Spectacular Challenges: Engage in thrilling challenges and immersive gameplay, hooked on this military action game.

●Unlock Legacy Troops: Ascend levels to unlock legacy troops and military equipment, from captains to artillery.

●Battlefield Domination: Wipe out enemies, conquer cruel bosses, and overcome obstacles in your pursuit of victory.

●Diverse Arsenal: Utilize an array of stickman troops, from bazookas to tanks, in your quest for supremacy.


●Epic Stick Battles: Engage in unique stickman battles, capturing the essence of world war military games.

●Challenging Obstacles: Overcome enemies, bosses, and challenges, striving for supremacy on the battlefield.

Are you ready to lead your stickman army to triumph? Engage in epic battles, devise masterful strategies, and carve your legacy in Stickman Battle: WW2 Stick Fight! Conquer the stick world, ascend to the throne, and become the ultimate stickman warrior!

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