Swipe n cut : 2020's Latest Disc offline games

Swipe n cut : 2020's Latest Disc offline games

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نصب +۱ هزار
دسته‌بندی اکشن
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Swipe n cut : 2020's Latest Disc offline games

Swipe n cut : 2020's Latest Disc offline games

The Knights Pvt Ltd
نسخهٔ ۱.۳۰
نصب +۱ هزار
دسته‌بندی اکشن
حجم ۲۱ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۲ تیر ۹۹
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Welcome to the Ultimate Swipe & cut.io.Your objective: Become the master of Shuriken,One of the most amazing ancient Chinese weaponry.

Unsheathe your Shuriken with 2020's Modernized Slick look and feel to destroy other Weapons by colliding directly with the spike ball or Enemy Weapon's Head.
This is one of the most addictive free offline mobile game for the hyper casual users.We challenge you to perform the best action combo's by cutting chains and Eliminating Enemies.
This game is one of it's kind and is properly thought and developed by The Knight's core team in order to give user the best of experience and Fun killing his spare time.So feel free to
Play and try to gain the maximum score points by cutting chains and destroying threats as well as share this amazing game with Friends and your social circle..

This swipe n cut – free game is perfectly planned chain cut game for people who like to play the latest new free offline trending games of 2020.
Be the action master and get in control of your shuriken and Destroy as many enemies as possible in this new one-of-a-kind game! You will find a variety of shurikens in the shop & unlock your favorite disk for upgrade in your chain cutting power.
This Swipe n Cut – Latest offline game is made for those gamers who love to play platformer arcade games. You must have played many other free games but I hope you will like this Swipe n cut game.

By swiping through exciting combinations of obstacles either avoid and move to the top or through cunning planning and techniques defeat your opponents by cutting their chains.Its a real blade action platformer.
When the game feels difficult collect Power booster packs and blast through obstacles. Just install and play free offline as well as online, this game does not require any cost to play. If you play this once, you will come back to play again & again.
Chain cut's good Graphics and sounds effects will absolutely amaze you. After installing swipe n cut game, hold your devices in portrait angle tap touch to start and drag to cut chains. Smooth game play and easy control.
If you love arcade games then this new game is a good choice for you. Chain cutting championship in your mobile phone is just about to start; you are just a single touch away.

Level mode:

Play the amazing Level mode with exiting and unique stages, having a variety of challenges as you progress. This mode will test your skill in avoiding and destroying obstacles.
This mini game is all about learning, adapting and overcoming. After you have successfully beaten the level mode you will unlock Endless mode .
Finish all game levels with maximum score. As your game progresses, unlock game levels and new chain cutting challenges with awesome new Disks. Each level in game will offer you unique cutting challenge that will test your chain cutting ability and get maximum score.

Endless mode in Free game:

In this mode User is given his next task the ultimate challenge of giving no chance to anyone as he has now become an action master.
Explore the game environments through our existing levels we ensure you of a mesmerizing experience with our modern themes and captivating sounds.

Swipe n Cut.io – Games Latest Trending 2020's Features:

- Extraordinary themes and backgrounds.
- Insane levels of thrilling missions
- Play in transitioning battle grounds
- Addicting Arcade game play
- Easy and intuitive controls.
- Newly released Free 2020 offline games.
- Unlock awesome and amazing weapons and upgrade them with evolutionary blades.
- Easy and Smooth controls.

Play It Anywhere.You can play this amazing offline game in subway, during traveling via car / bus or may be even washroom. This cool game will always provide you with fun and thrill, whenever you feel boredom you can open game and relax your mind while playing our latest trending online free game.

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