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Sportonline is a software, specifically designed for the people interested in Sport. All types of news and incidents relating to national and international sport news are included. You can easily see the online results of all leagues and tournaments in this app. you can follow live results in this app. Furthermore, the best sport videos are encompassed in this app. All in all, you can experience a new life with Sportonline application.

Some of the noteworthy features of this app are:

- including all types of sport news, categorized into 12 distinct news groups.
- notifying the most important and breaking news,
- Enabling users to read news in offline mode,
- Enabling users to create profiles with several useful features,
- Enabling users to make a comment and discuss about every news in all categories,
- Viewing numerous hot videos with a custom-designed video player,
, and several other fascinating features that you will find it step by step!

We look forward to see each and every one of you in Sportonline application!

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