Herfeei Zendegi Kon

Herfeei Zendegi Kon

Version v7.0
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Herfeei Zendegi Kon

Do not amateurs ! Version 6.0 100% free of charge and without the need for Internet

✔ the most comprehensive , reliable and applicable software Farsi

✔ After reading this book will change your life and you will live a very professional and as an amateur , will not behave !

✔ way your life will change.

✔ how your food is completely changed

✔ how you interact with everyone around you is changing

✔ stress away and peace to your life will return

✔ more than 1,200 articles and more

Some features of the program:

✔ without the Internet and runs on all versions of Android completely Flayn✔

✔  fast Brnamh

✔ ability to share content possible choice of content Ha

✔ favorites View Favorites list

✔ choice of font and the font size

✔  the ability to enlarge photos within the app and upload them to the memory card compatibility spin transfer capability

✔ phone Please support us with 5 stars and wait for new versions of your programs . *** Submitting you are looking for career *


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