German Language Learning

German Language Learning

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This app is a  good tool for learning German.

German is divided into 6 levels

A1 + A2
B1 + B2
C1 + C2

A1 is the basic and first level of German, C2 is Last and highest level of this course

You need these 5 skills to learn German

1 Reading
2 listening
3 Grammer
4 Writing 
5 Conversation

This app is suit for A1 and A2 Students and also the person who want find some knowledge about German. This app alone is not enough to learn German but it is a gate to start 
In order to use better, you can use German writers such as Schritte International or Begegnungen. 
With this app, you can improve your listening and grammar skills in German.

**Note: This app is totally free to use, and the In-App-Purchase ability is for supporting and donating the developers

If you are satisfied with this app, introduce it to your friends


  • Book Daf Kompakt
  • Book Menschen

Developed by: 

S. A. Esmaeily

A. Nemati Shishegaran

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