The miracles of Prophet Ali

The miracles of Prophet Ali

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The miracle is the surest, most sure and clear proof of the truth of the words of the prophets and the imams in claiming their connection with the supernatural world.

A miracle is a wonderful act whose fulfillment depends on the power of God and is not normally possible.

A miracle is a wonderful act that human beings cannot rely on.

A miracle is to do something that others cannot do.

Miracle has educational, moral, and religious purposes.

The miracle is invincible because it relies on the infinite power of God.

It causes a miracle

That the veil should be removed from the human eye.

People demand physical miracles, while the Qur'an is the highest spiritual miracle.

The revelations and miracles that take place in the holy shrine of the Imams of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are called karamat.

The difference between miracle and dignity is that in the miracle of restraint, that is, in the call to struggle and contradiction and the guidance of the people, but in divine prayers and dignity issued there is no mention of restraint.

Karamat is a leaf of honor for humans.

Karamat makes people more interested in Ahlul Bayt.

Karamat is the relationship between a lover and a lover.

The miracles are fulfilled by the will of God.

Kramat originates from a divine fountain and is not complete.

The Ahlul-Beit is achieved by resorting to prayers, prayers, and tears.

A gift is a gift from God to humans.

Karamat makes man realize the greatness, the sanctity, and the legitimacy of the Ahlul-Bayt.

Kramat is an extraordinary thing that is brought out of the human being by drawing near to God and by the subtlety of the inner soul.

To believe in the miracles of the prophets and the imams of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is necessary and necessary and to deny it is sin.

Imam Kadhim (AS) states: (The most guilty people are those who taunt Al Muhammad and deny their words and deny their miracles).

Anyone who denies the miracle

It is ignorant, because first of all it has the miracle of infirmity, secondly the miracle is done to strengthen the faith, thirdly it will be done by the permission of God.

If we are to accept the miracles and miracles of the Imams, the veil of neglect and neglect must be removed.

The miracles of Imam Ali (pbuh) are many, but it is surprising that people, despite seeing so many miracles, still continued to associate with him.

If we want to receive Imam Ali (PBUH) kindness and revelations, we must have a heart ready and heartfelt, do not demand from Imam Ali (PBUH) small demands and ask for something that will last forever, healing the body and alleviating the desires. A little. We ask Imam Ali (AS) to see him in death and in time, in the darkness and in the solitude of the Purgatory, and on the bridge of his righteousness, in the measure and in the amount of his count, and to cry out to us.

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