Management of bank cards

Management of bank cards

Version 1.4
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Do you want all your friends and manage your bank card?

Each of us, at least two bank cards with us. The number of cards, some people even reach 10. Some cards (including credit cards) simply because they need the card number are forced to carry.

In addition to that you can enter all the details of bank cards (except for the first and second password card)

Would you like to ask if any of your bank card number, the card with the image quality Bankytvn surprise you?

... and so on.

A unique feature of this program is the Theme which distinguishes it from all other similar applications market.

The program has very advanced coding system and is locked using the newest technologies is written and security is very high.
At the beginning of the program, you must set a new password.
If you forget the password, you can retrieve and decrypt the data (even with the root of the phone) does not exist. So please remember the password.

1 - high security
1 - Set Password
2 - Save all card information and bank account
3-sharing card details
4. Send card number


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