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Size 26.8 MB
Version 1.0
Offers IAP purchases


This game is about the farm animals that get too far fat that they can’t move by themselves and you must move them to their food, and don’t let them starve to death.
These rolling lazy animals are like billiard balls in a farm. A farm that surrounded by fences. For feeding to them you should roll those fat lazy animals to their food.
You may ask: “Oh! How could I roll those lazy chubby animals?” The answer is placed on the upper right corner of the pictures, there is an old cannon over there. That cannon has some balls in each level of game that the only usefulness of them is to make a blast wave that can scatter things around.
Now you may ask again: “How can I use that old cannon?” In this way is, put your finger on the screen and then draw your finger to a proper location (the best approach is to draw your finger as close as possible to your rollable things) and then take your finger up, in that moment our old cannon will shoot to the last specified target location you made by your finger on screen. After hitting of cannon ball on the ground the blast wave of the ball will roll everything that was in its explosion limit.
The main characters of this game are: sheep, cow, hen, rooster, chicken and … (new characters will come updates).
These characters have different foods, like: cabbage, grass, watermelon, straw, seeds, worm and … (again new foods will come in updates so don’t forget to update).
There are some bad things that may defeat you in game, like: scorpion, snake, trap, waterhole and … (in updates. Please don’t forget the update.)
There are other theme: desert, beach, … (new theme in updates).
In addition to our old cannon we put some other equipment in our game, like: missile, grenade, landmine, sniper, TNT, … (new ones in updates).
Currently, this game has 10 package that each package has 8 levels, you can play each level and gain point, more points make more stars. You need those stars to open new packages.
You can challenge yourself to make the highest score among other gamers in each level.
We put some secret coin in levels so, try to find and catch all the secret coin in levels.
Coin is so important in the game, the use cases of the coins is:
• Buying additional item for levels that you can’t easily win.
• If you are impatient to see new packages and don’t like to open it with needed stars (that you can catch in levels), you can buy those packages with coins, and open them instantly.
In beginning of game we give you some coin, and there are some secret coin in each level, and if you need more coin in game, you can purchase it from market.
We wish you enjoy each level of this game. Score this game. And write review and comment, we love to hear from you.
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Debug scorpion package
Snake package
Decrease necessary star for unlocking each package
Decrease the cost of each star
Add capability to purchase coin in level.
Display caught secret coins.
Some debugging.
Give some additional coin


  • full Internet access
  • view network connections
  • payment through Bazaar
  • read phone status and identity

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Lazy Balls

in Lazy Balls, you should feed your farm animals that have become round. it's an iranian game.

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