Recover Deleted Files - PDF Files, Photos, Videos

Recover Deleted Files - PDF Files, Photos, Videos

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Recover deleted files, audio recording files, video files and images which you lost accidentally by deleting contacts, videos, images, audio recording files, and pdf files. Recover pdf files if you lost the file or accidentally deleted the pdf file from your android phone. Recover images from mobile even after deleted from the phone by our sophisticated method. Restoring files after delete is now possible with our special recovery application for android mobiles and tablets.
You can easily recover deleted files such as audio recording files encrypted or locked due to security. The recovery app works perfectly for recovering videos deleted from mobile phone. The image recovery section will help the user to restore and recover images after being deleted. The contacts recovery system inside the application will help you to get lost contacts.

All files Recovery Features
1. Recover deleted images easily.
2. Restore deleted videos from android instantly.
3. Recover deleted contacts from android.
4. PDF file recovery after being deleted from mobile.
5. Recover audio recording files deleted from mobile phones or tablets.
6. Recover deleted files.

This is all in one files recovery app for complete files recovery.

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