Jump! 1000 Tower!

Jump! 1000 Tower!

Version 1.5
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Jump! Jump! can you jump 1000 tower?

Do you like explore castle tower? Do you like pixel Castle Tower world? If you do, you will enjoy this Jumping game.   

Castle doors open, Get ready to blast off on our pixel knight journey with #Jump! 1000 Tower#. 

In this pixel Castle Tower world, Oh! That ugly zombie, pretty octopus, and dark man must be careful! They are dangerous, we have to avoid these bad guys.  Concerned about raising lava, do not fall into it. Come on!

#Jump! 1000 Tower# is exciting jump action game, every day, everybody, bouncing jump! Fantastic graphics and sound put you in the heart of the journey. How high can you jump?

The Magic Tower has got what you need:

# Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jump the highest in this Magic Tower?
# Trippy obstacles to avoid! (zombie, octopus, lava, dark knight)
#Share your best score with your friends, Fun achievements! Beat your friends’ scores!
#High-quality sound effects and nice graphic! User-friendly interface

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