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Wills of Soldiers

Wills of teachers, students, jihadists and employees of the city of Lamard, Fars province

Translated by google.com

Preparation: The Lamerd County Department of Culture and Guidance and Fannous Walsal Cultural and Cultural Institute, in an effort by Musa Actor

Thanks to God, the air and space, the soul and the soul, the soul and the soul, the believer and the disbeliever, are all the great eulogists of his blessings. Thanks to the god who succeeded in the age of materialism and materiality of the spiritual talents of human beings, blind, and dried up, and in situations where Hezbollah and the Hizbullah were raised in a long war against our Islamic society to pay attention to Martyrdom and martyrdom, \ n \ n We provide a heavenly offering for the divine grace of the Razzak to be injected into the intact human thirst for humanity, and the radius of the shadow of the Holy Defense shadows, and we also share in this shine. To be Of course, without the help of this source of success, the writing of this text was never possible. Alhamd Allah is our goddah.

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