Tatak Space

Tatak Space

نسخه ۱.۰
نصب فعال

Tatak returns for his grand space adventure in this highly addictive free Android arcade game. 

You control Tatak, The Space Outlaw, who is unluckily caught in the middle of an asteroid field. He must crack and eat the core of the incoming asteroids and meteorites. He must escape the flaming ones or he will lose his precious lifes.

Use the left-right indicators to move Tatak and crack the falling stones with your head! Once you crack a stone open you can eat the core to get points. Some stones are hard to crack and may take a few headbutts to open. Watch out for the flaming hot one, or you'll burn Tatak and lose one life. Try to eat as many asteroid cores as you can in the given time. Catch the health bonus to replenish your life.

-Absolutely free
-Amazing 2D graphics
-Very easy to play - hard to master
-Suitable for all ages: From kids to adults
-Cartoon sounds
-Works both on phones and tablets

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