Jack's Flight Club Cheap Flights

Jack's Flight Club Cheap Flights

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Jack's Flight Club Cheap Flights

Jack's Flight Club Cheap Flights

Jack's Flight Club
نسخهٔ ۲.۴.۸
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Jack and his team of flight hackers cleverly monitor thousands of flight routes from the UK, Europe and US each day, using a secret algorithm and expert insider knowledge to find you stupidly cheap flights and discounted fares. You’ll be stunned by some of the deals, with average savings of £402/€447/$534 for each long-haul flight booked.

These aren’t the type of flight deals you’d usually find yourself using traditional flight search websites or Google Flights. You see, the very best flight deals often stick around for only a day or two, so finding them and being the first in the know means saving hundreds of £/€/$’s on fares to your dream destinations, before they go back up.

Our free app notifies you when we find a ridiculously cheap flight deal, you’ll get details on the departure and destination airports, how and where to book, and how long we expect the flight deal to be available for. It’s super simple.

Here are just some of the recent return flights we’ve found for our members:

Departing from the UK & Ireland:

✈️ Australia (return) for £498
✈️ Canada (return) for £161
✈️ New York (return) for £182
✈️ Thailand (return) for £301
✈️ Japan (return) for £355

Departing from EU:

✈️ California (return) for €266 from Scandinavia
✈️ Japan (return) for €358 from Belgium
✈️ Singapore (return) for €401 from Germany
✈️ Hawaii (return) for €354 from the Netherlands
✈️ Bali (return) for €426 from Germany

Departing from the US:

✈️ Hong Kong (round trip) for $258
✈️ Spain (round trip) for $241
✈️ Tel Aviv (round trip) for $275
✈️ Hawaii (round trip) for $109
✈️ Tokyo (round trip) for $214
✈️ Seychelles (round trip) for $335

Upgrade to Premium for even more flight deals

A paid Premium version of the app is also available for upgrade within the app. For a small optional fee our members can get 4 x more flight deals, ‘weekend trip’ alerts and travel partner discounts.

So, just…

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