My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids

My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids

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'My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids' is a pretend play app where you can explore lots of different worlds with cute monsters! Create your own story and be imaginative while you go to the supermarket, fire station, restaurant and police station. You get all your favorite locations in one awesome app!

There's so much to play and explore in this app that you will never get bored. 😍 Tons of fun is guaranteed with these wacky and fun monsters.

Here are some of the exciting things you can do in 'My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids':
✔️ Visit the fire station and meet every monster fire fighter. Get in the fire truck and rescue people in times of emergency.
✔️ Feeling hungry? Enter the popular Monster restaurant and eat delicious food. Play cooking games and be entertained! You can take a look at the kitchen or even become a chef yourself. Do you enjoy baking? Then you will love the yummy cupcake, pizza, burger and more.
✔️ Want to buy some groceries? Head to the Monster supermarket and explore the grocery store. Check out the mini cafe inside the supermarket too!
✔️ Don't let crime happen in 'Monster World'. Be a police officer in the police station and catch the thief! Foil robbery and put the robbers in jail. Play police games in this town right now!
✔️ Lots of more rooms to explore and discover surprises in! Move the characters wherever you want and create your own fun world in this app. You are the one who controls everything in this app.

What you will get in 'My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids':

⭐ Super easy game play. Perfect for everyone in the family!
⭐ 9 awesome monster characters to choose from.
⭐ Touch, tap and move everything. Lots to play, explore and discover!
⭐ Perfect for travel days to stay busy for hours.
⭐ Completely kid-safe and ad-free environment.

So get started on your journey of exploration! Download 'My Monster World - Town Play Games for Kids' now!

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