Papo Town Preschool

Papo Town Preschool

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Welcome to Papo Town! Papo Town is a series of simulated role-playing games created by Papo World.

Papo Town: Preschool simulates the real kindergarten and preschool environment and scenes including classroom, dining room, playground, toy room, school infirmary, activity room, sleeping room and bathroom. It is important for kids to learn how to share toys with friends, have classes together, enjoy outdoor activities and different ways of exploration and discovery!

There are 23 lovely friends to play with, including 10 cute babies! Just drag the animals in the scenes, and you can start to create your own story!

There are also mysterious clues hidden in every room. Explore in all scenes and find these hidden surprises!

 Simulate a real preschool environment!
 Vivid animations and sound effects!
 Play with 23 Papo friends!
 Take care of cute babies!
 Lots of outfits!
 Support multi-player mode. Play with friends!
 Open exploration! No rules and no limit!
 Discover hidden rewards and surprises!
 Hundreds of interactive props!
 Inspire imagination and creativity!
 No Wi-Fi required. It could be played anywhere!

This version of Papo Town: Preschool is free to download. Unlock more rooms through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account.
If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via

[About Papo World]
Papo World aims to create a relaxed, harmonious and enjoyable game play environment to stimulate children's curiosity and interest in learning.
Focused on games and supplemented by fun animated episodes, our preschool digital educational products are tailored for children.
Through experiential and immersive gameplay, kids could develop healthy living habits and arise curiosity and creativity. Discover and inspire talents of every child!

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