Sort 3-D tiles Irsa

Sort 3-D tiles Irsa

Version 1.1
Active installs

Select the application based on three-dimensional environments, the size and tile designs that are classified and the ability to select any one of the designs, layout to the environment.

• Ability storage format to see the environment

Specify the name of the feature in software design

-Ability To render the collection of the special folder within the Web Host

-The Application alignment feature is the smart way to choose a model with tiles, different layout, so the layout is changed with a single click.

-The Application has the potential to change a few tiles on the space layout and the style and layout of the user's choice to be made manually.

• Ability to stop the animation (animation camera) to the user's choice

• Ability to customize the app's front page

• Ability to display the desired tile designs offline

The output of the application:

1. The mobile version (Android and IOS)

2. Version of Windows

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