Fitness Reference men and women

Fitness Reference men and women

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This program is the largest and most comprehensive fitness app men and women from all sources at the same time and you will no longer need and for those who care about their fitness.

***( Please only spend a minute of your time to read the description do program )***

The program consists of a variety of information that is now before fitness and weight loss diets and obesity for men and women is and Helps you to your goal faster than you think to reach your ideal body.

The program includes a variety of weight loss, weight gain, men's fitness, women's fitness, fitness training with motion picture and description is conceptual and other sectors .The program consists of seven sections which are as follows:

1-Men's fitness : It covers essential tips for fitness (muscle, selecting the right supplement their ways, foods to fill muscles, etc.) is for men.

2-women fitness : it also exercises and fitness tips, as well as women (tighten the buttocks and thighs, breast size changes with exercise, treatment of postpartum sagging skin, removing fat, etc.) to explain.

3-Weight Gain : This important strategies and regimes for thin people and those who are obese gives it.

4-Weight Loss : It is also very practical and scientific way to those for Laghrshdn as well as appropriate diets for the obese people.

5-Sports supplements : This section introduces and familiarity with sports supplements (creatine, glutamine, caffeine, fat burners etc) and how to use each deal.

6-supplements : This section also has two parts, is nutritious diet and drink and Using this section you can get drinks and potions very nourishing for me and Also choose a diet for themselves.

7-Movements Training : This is the final part of the program, broken down by the body's muscles, exercise to strengthen Hrzlh (armpits, back, forearms, biceps, triceps, abdomen, chest, Cole, shoulder, Jlvpa, legs, back, and buttocks) as well as the concept's explanation.


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