Cargo Truck Transporter: Fork

Cargo Truck Transporter: Fork

نسخه ۱.۸
نصب فعال

In this Cargo Construction Truck Transporter you'll experience the situations of a real heavy truck driver. A real driver has to maneuver the big trailer with ease into tiny spots, for example on a construction site where he has to unload the truck. When you can drive the combination correctly forward, you'll experience how hard it is to drive it correctly reverse!

►►How to Play

◆ Locate the material using green arrows on the floor.
◆ Lift that material by using forklift.
◆ Load that material to the cargo truck at green box .
◆ Park the forklift.
◆ Attach the truck with trailer using green arrows.
◆ Find the destination point by following the arrows on the floor.
◆ Park and unload the truck to clear the mission.

★★★ Features ★★★

☀ Challenging and outstanding environment.
☀ Select any of the 3 forklifts and 2 trucks.
☀ Challenge Based Missions.
☀ Clock is ticking so transport these racing cars on time.
☀ Extreme precision 3D truck simulator.
☀ Great dynamic game play.
☀ Excellent sound effects.
☀ Amazing 3D graphics.
☀ Map of Whole City
☀ Different camera angles that give you more control

you will really like this game!!!

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