Dinosaur Math Games for kids

Dinosaur Math Games for kids

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Dinosaur Math Games for kids

Dinosaur Math Games for kids

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نسخهٔ ۱.۰.۹
نصب +۵۰
دسته‌بندی کودک
حجم ۱۱۷ مگابایت
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The sequel to the highly acclaimed Dinosaur Math has launched! Welcome to a brand new chapter of the math kingdom! Dinosaur Math 2 will help you learn vertical form addition and subtraction with ease.

After mastering simple addition and subtraction, the little dinosaur has run into a new problem. Our friends, the little monsters, are trapped somewhere. Hurry to find them and rescue them! There are so many little monsters in trouble! How can we count the total number of rescued monsters?

Rescue helpless monsters
Steer spaceships to find the trapped little monsters: valley elves, sea monsters sheltered in coral relics, a little fox asking help in the barren desert, and even more! Remember to focus on the rescue data and you will grasp the ideas of the ones place, the tens place, and the hundreds place by observing the increasing or decreasing numbers.

Say hi to friends
Six themes and 30 scenes! Kids can explore the magical math world at their own pace, from tropical grasslands to the iron city and from the sky castle to the sea world. There are also 18 awesome spaceships! Choose your ideal spaceship and customize your hero adventure! Tap the scene elements and explore. A precious friendship awaits you!

Engage in arena battles
Don't let your rivals win! Use your math power to defeat them. Are you struggling with the basics? Do you have a fear of ineffective learning? No worries! We have adopted vivid animation effects that help you understand vertical form addition and subtraction. Now, enter the arena, learn the rules through battles, and gain knowledge and happiness!

Learn at your pace
Dinosaur Math 2 provides a flexible learning mode, and this benefits kids since they practice at their unique pace, choosing learning ranges and practice from 0 to 1000. The difficulty of the questions will gradually increase, including simple addition, addition with carrying, simple subtraction, and subtraction with borrowing.

Activate surprising capsule toys
Learning math has never been so fun! Challenge yourselves in the free-battle planets about learning results! Once you break through the specific level, you can awaken a cute dinosaur and activate new capsule toys! Math is full of abundant knowledge and fun! Learning math happily is sure to become a sense of achievement!

• Customized difficulty: 6 themes, 30 scenes, and 18 spaceships. Choose your math level and start the exciting adventure!
• Fun stories: Rescue the trapped little monsters and battle with your rivals
• Does not require basics: Vivid animations help children understand vertical form addition and subtraction. Even kids without literacy basics can practice sufficiently.
• Specialized exercises: A massive question bank with various math problems. Intelligent adjustments of difficulty help reinforce learning results.
• Learning rewards: Gain awesome spaceships, awaken dinosaurs, and activate new capsule toys!
• Play without the Internet
• No third-party advertising

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