Dinosaur Coding Academy - Coding Games for kids

Dinosaur Coding Academy - Coding Games for kids

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Drive mechas and explore the world alongside T-Rex!

Set out on fun adventures where you help T-Rex solve puzzles
Help plants thrive in the wasteland; clean up pollution at the factory; escape from the fire; hunt for treasure under the sea; repair machines at the rocket base; rescue trapped friends in space!

Combining fun games and programming knowledge, coding has never been so fun!
Intuitive patterns on blocks make coding easy even for pre-readers! Understand foundational coding concepts and foster computational thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Drag the blocks, arrange them, and use commands to drive the mecha
Use 17 different command blocks; each block triggers a different action. Choose [light] command to help plants grow, [stop] command to turn off pollution-making machines, [box] command to create a box to stand on, [destroy] command to smash big rocks under the sea, [repair] command to make machines restore running, [break] command to break the trap and rescue cosmos friends, and more!

Learn by playing
108 engaging levels ranging from easy to difficult help children learn sequences, loops, parameters, events, conditions, and functions. Hints and guides allow your child to freely explore without getting frustrated.

• Abstract codes transformed to command blocks, perfect for pre-readers
• Drag, arrange, and click; coding is as easy as building blocks
• Elaborately designed hint system makes it easy to explore
• 18 amazing mechas; drive them to escape from danger, find deep-sea treasures, rescue cosmos friends, and more
• Six different regions; set out for a fun fantastic adventure
• 108 featured puzzles; learn coding from the shallow to the deep end
• 17 coding blocks; master programming concepts including sequences, loops, parameters, events, conditionals, and functions
• You can operate without the Internet
• No third-party advertising

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