Advanced Base Converter

Advanced Base Converter

Version 4.0
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Convert 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 16 bases to one another, easily!

With ability to convert decimal numbers

Minimum Android version required: 3.0


With this app you can:

-Convert all bases to one another + convert decimal parts

-convert decimal parts wtih a custom accuracy (up to 20 digits)

-Use the calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide in different bases.

-Ability to convert up to 15 digits in base 16, up to 18 digits from base 10 and up to 63 digits from base 2.

-Use the Ascii Table to access different ascii codes easily and fast.

-Save the last operation in device storage and recover it if needed

-Copy the result with a touch!

-Ability to move the app to SD Card


Icon designer: Mohammad Hashemi


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