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Battery Doctor (Power Saver) is a free and professional battery saver app to stop power-draining apps, save battery life and protect battery health. Join 330+ million users who have enjoyed longer-lasting battery power!

Key Features:

🔋 1-tap Power Optimization
Just 1 tap will stop the power-draining apps from running
🔌 Healthy Charge Master
Monitor charging status and extend battery life when charging.
💎 Smart Use of Battery
Discover how long your battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, WiFi (active), etc.). Clearly show the status of battery life and usage.
💡 Convenient Power-Saving Widget
Quick access to power related system settings (Wi-Fi, data, brightness, etc.)
❄Battery Cooler
Battery Cooler feature accurately detect phone temperature, disables heat-producing apps to cool down battery.

Feature list:
- Save Power Shortcut which kills tasks with one tap!
- Kill apps when screen is off!
- Accurate battery remaining time!
- Accurate charging time remaining!
- Schedule power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more!
- Unique 3 Stage Charging System!
- WiFi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!
- Brightness control!
- Battery temperature!
- Smart charging tips!
- 28 languages supported!
- Simple easy-to-use interface!

Battery Doctor is the simplest way to keep your battery healthy by stopping power consuming apps, cooling down battery temperature and monitoring battery status!

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  • update component usage statistics
  • expand/collapse status bar
  • read sensitive log data
  • draw over other apps
  • retrieve running apps
  • unistall shortcut
  • install shortcut
  • control vibration
  • kill background processes
  • read phone status and identity
  • mount and unmount filesystems
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • full Internet access
  • run at startup
  • close other apps
  • toggle sync on and off
  • read sync settings
  • change network connectivity
  • view network connections
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • pair with Bluetooth devices
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • modify system settings
  • read battery statistics
  • disable your screen lock
  • modify global system settings
  • read setting

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Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor review

Battery Doctor review

Battery Doctor

Kingsoft Battery Doctor is essential for your iPhone, which is more professional and useful than those paid. Download it right now to best protect and maintain your battery.

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همه ما تمایل داریم تا درون تلفن همراه خود، انواع برنامه ها را با موضوعات مختلف داشته باشیم اما باید به این نکته توجه داشت که این کار، عمر باتری گوشی را کمتر میکند. دلیل این امر، اتلاف توان باتری توسط اپلیکیشن هایی است که اعمالی را در پشت پرده و به دور از چشمان شما انجام میدهند. از این رو باید راهی برای خنثی کردن آنها پیدا کرد اما مسئله اینجاست که بسیاری از کاربران از این موضوع اطلاعی ندارند. برنامه ای که در ادامه به معرفی آن میپردازیم، مشکل مذکور را رفع خواهد نمود. با ما همراه باشید تا با اپلیکیشن اندرویدی “Battery Doctor” آشنا شوید.