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ihome.ir's website and application is the place to publish listings to buy, sell and rent properties.

With ihome.ir's real estate application, you can expose your property to the thousands of real applicants with no pain.

Close your deal with only a few simple steps.

* Take pictures of your property.

* Upload the images of your property and enter its description in the add property section.

* Your listing, will be published in the website and the application automatically. Just wait for the first phone call!

What ihome.ir provides for you:

* Ability to publish listings of properties with full details in five simple steps

* Automatic publish of listing in the website after submission in the application.

* Ability to analyze/check quota

* Ability to upgrade to the desired package in the shortest time possible .

* Management of published listings in the easiest way possible.

* Edit and/or delete the desired listing in less than a few minutes.

* 24/7 support

* ease of use and convenience

At ihome.ir, we are always striving to improve our services and facilities to have your constant companionship.

PLEASE share your valuable suggestions and (of course) criticisms with us, so that we can get better in these services.

Get in touch with us:

• Email: info@ihome.ir

• Contact Number: 021-49721000

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