Markaz Kharidمرکز خرید

Markaz Kharidمرکز خرید

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Having in mind the fast expansión of comercial trade, besting more efectively even the  Arya Yooz

The Arya Yooz company has decided to provide you with a "Markaz Kharid" or "Shopping Centre" .

 This APP conists of two parts:
 A list of whole sale merchendise,enterprise and the companies in any province and tertitory.
 Second parte is for small and individual producers, we offer free pubilicity and in top this every time that their merchendice is soled by us.

and if users invite thier freinds to Markaz Kharid  we give them a point and buy from componies we give them plus point. 
The points would add up and every certain time at the end their acomulated points will be returned to them in cash.

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